Sunday, December 8, 2013

Warmer Days

 The cold days of today make the warm days of the past hard to believe. Photos are slices of time that remind us of the coming warm days. Photos, oblivious to the history of people, capture them in a slice as soon as they happen to be in a frame, while those people might never see each other.

روزهای سرد امروز باور روزهای گرم دیروز را مشکل میکنند. عکسها برشهایی از زمانند که به یاد ما می آورند که روزهای گرم باز هم در پیشند. عکسها بدون اهمیت به گذشته ی آدمها، آنها را به محض این که در یک قاب قرار میگیرند روی یک برش ثبت می کنند. درحالی که شاید آن آدمها هیچ وقت هم دیگر را نبینند.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Canadian Finals Rodeo 2013

Canadian Finals Rodeo was held in Edmonton in November 2013. I went on an assignment for The Gateway, but this wasn't the only reason.  This was a great opportunity for me to witness not only a sport event, but a cultural event. Every culture has things that might make outsiders or even people who grew up with it happy, sad, angry, or astonished. Nevertheless, I wasn't there to judge. I was there just to see. In this essay, I tried to look at the cowboys who compete in this competition. To maybe show the solitude that I felt has become part of them. Something that I felt exists also in desert cultures. As always, I hope you enjoy this photos and I would like to know your thoughts.