Sunday, June 24, 2012


- "I just had a c-section. I gave my son to a family who could take care of him."
- "Where is the father of the child?"
- "I was raped on street 4 times."
We all take photographs. The difference is in what we care about and how we look at things. During the time I have been doing street/documentary photography, I have had many conversations with people that I didn't know. I am grateful to them. They opened themselves and told me stories of their lives that you think could happen only to others or in movies:

- "Not many people have this tatu."
- "Where did you get that?"
- "I was head of a street gang."

Regarding ethics of journalism, I cannot say who in which picture said what. Their photos might be in any post or might not appear in my blog at all. The things I write are the things I heard from people and I trust them with the stories they told me. These are of course parts of longer conversations.

- "I survived a level 5 Aneurysm 10 years ago. I was in coma for 6 months and the problem was that I was walking in my coma."

The way I see it is that each person we see has a very distinguished personal history. Any part of these stories could have happened to us as well, or could have been part of our story. What I learned is to be grateful, to be respectful, and to love everyone.

- "I live in a group house."
- "What is that?"
- "I have schizophrenia and this house is for mentally ill."
- "Is it provided by the government?"
- "I live in a private one but there are governmental ones as well. You have to wait a long time to get into them. "
- "Why don't you live with your parents?"
- "My step-mom always gave me a bloody nose when I was a kid and my dad molested me."
- "Do you have any siblings?"
- "I have a brother. He always mentally abused me."

(Disclaimer: There is no implied connection whatsoever neither explicitly nor implicitly between the text of this post and the photos of this post or any other post that I have in this blog or anywhere else.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


vo·cal - adj \ˈvō-kəl\

Definition of VOCAL

1 a : uttered by the voice : oral b : produced in the larynx : uttered with voice
2 : relating to, composed or arranged for, or sung by the human voice (vocal music)
3 : vocalic
4 a : having or exercising the power of producing voice, speech, or sound b : expressive c : full of voices : resounding d : given to expressing oneself freely or insistently : outspoken (a highly vocal critic) e : expressed in words
5 : of, relating to, or resembling the voice (vocal impairment)
(From Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sometimes crazy things just happen when your time is synchronized with the ticking of the universe! You might encounter people dancing salsa on Whyte Avenue or jumping over a rope late at night! Other times when your clock is not synchronized then no matter what you do, things won't happen!

Apart from timing, the reason that it took me so long to do another update was that I was waiting for my new monitor to arrive. I bought one specifically for photo editing and I hope my photos won't have strange colors here. My guess is that my photos my look more pale but who knows! Hopefully they will match prints better than before.