Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Times

Summer in a small city, after 8 months of winter, really shows itself. People try to make the most out of it and enjoy before the next cold breeze. Walking through the backyards in city is quite amazing. It has a certain feeling of serenity. Occasionally you hear a distant voice of mother calling her children or the smell of burning wood for a barbeque.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eugene Richards

There are so many amazing photographers that I can just sit and enjoy watching their photos. However, I have to confess that after seeing so many photos, I was still shocked by Eugene Richard's photos. He is there, in the middle of what is happening, and he captures it so amazingly that you will be there too. I remember that I read somewhere that a photographer first need to master the rules of composition. After mastering those rules, it becomes possible to break them. It is easy to see this masterly breaking of these rules and lots of other rules in his works. There is no single word that I can describe his work with. The funny part is whenever I wanted to pay attention to the technical details, I found myself drowning in the photo and forgetting all about technical details. He is the master of story telling.

His works can be found in his website

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

William Albert Allard

It has been a while since my last post. I was sick and I am currently busy writing my thesis and lots and lots of things to keep me away from here. Recently, I have been looking at lots of works from William Albert Allard, one of the greatest National Geographic photographers. I borrowed his book "Vanishing Breed" from the library. This book contains lots of great photographs about the ''Cowboy" culture. His photographs are a must see for a person who is interested in photography. Strong compositions which shows his great awareness of shapes and great light in his photos are amazing. He says in one of his interviews that he had more painting books than photography books. Another important aspect of his work is that most of his work is in color. He has mastered the shapes, light, and colors and as a result he can play with them so easily in his photos.

Having said that, his photographs are like old paintings. I do not know paintings from what era. I have never been in art school nor studied different eras in painting. However, I can say that his style can be easily mistaken as paintings. I think he inspired me a lot. I am putting some of his work here.